Great Tips To Producing the Best Aerial Video Photography Nowadays 


Aerial video production and photography have become very popular.   Given that there are many companies offering their services and the fact that technology has advanced, its popularity has grown.  Apart from being used by filmmakers, business people are not quickly embracing it in the production of their advertising and marketing videos.   A filmmaker should, therefore, know how to produce videos that are quality.  Below is an outline on what you should know before you engage in this type of photography.

 Weather is one of the factors that you should consider when filming.   Filming should be done when there are no strong winds.  You end up having shaky images if you film when it’s windy.   When it is windy, it can be very challenging to fly your drone.   Drones are small and light and can easily be swayed by the wind.

 Selection of a drone to use is crucial.   Choose the Aerial video photography Vancouver UAV drone depending on its stability and ability to take quality pictures.   Choose a drone that can fly for a distance from where you are controlling it from without and disturbances.  Having a drone that can do this ensures that you get different images from the area which you can choose from.

 Your choice of camera is also key.   Make sure the camera you intend to use can run for long without running out of charge.  Carry with you extra batteries for your camera in case you want to film the whole day.

 A monitor system is crucial to see the shots your drone is taking.  This allows you to get great images because you can see what you are taking.  also, it is important to have two controllers on the ground for better shots.  One controller controls the camera while the other controls the drone itself. Learn more about photography at

You need to consider safety when flying a drone.  You cannot fly near airports and crowded places.   Ensure you are aware where it is allowed to fly and where it is not so that you are aware beforehand.   Be careful because failure to follow safety measures can lead to you being taken to court.

 Many filmmakers will agree that flying drones is a fun experience, most especially going through your beautiful images.  Even as you have fun flying your drone, be mindful of other people and their property.  This is because some people may find it intrusive if you fly over or near their property, thus get permission from them and the authority first in such instances.  At the end of the drone flying experience, you will be excited with the satisfaction derived from Aerial video photography Vancouver UAV drone.


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